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SafeDee Desktop Edition

For Microsoft® Windows™

SafeDee is a Secure Data Manager, also known as a Password Safe or Password Keeper for storing sensitive data. Store and retrieve credit card numbers, passwords, pin numbers, or any other vital information knowing that it is securely encrypted and protected from prying eyes.



SafeDee stores all data in a securely encrypted database using the Blowfish encryption algorithm. Blowfish was designed in 1993 by Bruce Schneier. Since then it has been carefully scrutinized by the cryptographic community, gaining acceptance as a strong encryption algorithm.

SafeDee uses a master password to encrypt the data. Unless one has the master password your data is absolutely secure, regardless of who has access to your computer or even if it is stolen.

Note. Please guard your Master Password carefully. The high level of security provided by SafeDee ensures that hackers cannot gain access to your data. However this means that without your Master Password there is no way for you to access or decrypt your data either.


SafeDee Desktop Edition is designed to work on Microsoft® Windows™ 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
As and when Microsoft releases newer versions of Windows™, we will endeavor to maintain compatibility.

The Desktop Edition, is compatible and provides one-click synchronization with SafeDee Pocket Edition. Thus ensuring that you always have access to your latest information, whether at home or on the road.

Download or Purchase

Click the Download button to download a fully functional trial version of SafeDee V2.3.0. The trial version will operate for 15 days after first installation. After the 15 days have expired you will still be able to view all your data, but will no longer be able to edit it.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my data not encrypted?
I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
How can I add my own category icons?
I have problems exporting

Why is my data not encrypted?
Have you set a password? Until you set a password, data can not be encrypted.

If you have set a password, and you are still seeing un-encrypted data, that is because you have entered the data into an un-encrypted category.
Data is encrypted according to the category it is in. In order to change a category to encrypted, select Category from the menu. Choose the category you wish to change from the dropdown list, and press the Edit button. Make sure that the Password protect .. checkbox is checked to have all data in the selected category encrypted. (Uncheck it if you want the data in this category to be clear text).
This allows you the flexibility of having your confidential data securely encrypted, while having quick access to other data.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
If you have forgotten your password, your only recourse is to delete the database and start again. In order to delete the database, exit SafeDee, navigate to the: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\SafeDee directory and delete the file SafeDeeDPC.sdb. The deletion ensures that when you next run SafeDee, it starts with a clean system, as when first installed. database.

How can I add my own category icons?
Icons are 18x14 pixel bitmap files stored in the C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\SafeDee folder. You can create or edit icons with the Microsoft Paint application. When SafeDee displays the icon against a background, SafeDee displays the background color for every pixel having the same color as the upper left pixel in the bitmap. If you examine, for example, the dollar sign bitmap in MS Paint, you will see two colors: green for the dollar symbol, and yellow for all other pixels. The result is that the green pixels always appear green no matter what the background, and all other pixels take on the background color. If you want to eliminate transparency, so that the yellow always appears, assign a different color (not yellow and not green) to the upper left pixel. SafeDee load the icons when you start the program, so if you add or modifiy icons, the changes appear only after exiting and restarting SafeDee.

I exported my data, but some of the records contain "****" instead of the expected data, why?
SafeDee exports locked data as "****". Please unlock your data and try again.